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Podcast Audio+Vidéo

Your Amplified Voice

Dive into the heart of an auditory revolution where every story turns into a captivating adventure.

With eight years of experience supporting TEDx speakers, we offer a comprehensive solution that guides you from initial preparation to final broadcast. We ensure your message is heard, understood, and shared, supporting you at every step. Whether you're hosting or speaking, we make sure every word counts, ensuring your message has the maximum impact.

With VODEO, become a leading voice in the world of podcasting.

Partners in your creations

We're much more than a platform; we're your creative partner dedicated to your success, working alongside you to realize your creative vision and achieve your goals.
At VODEO, we turn obstacles into stepping stones, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Lacking technical skills? Having trouble engaging? We're here to turn those challenges into strengths, ensuring your message reaches and resonates with your ideal audience.
Together, let's overcome barriers to illuminate your brand in the podcast universe, partnering to enhance your presence and impact.

Broadcasts Worth Listening To


At Vodeo, we're eager to explore your projects, ready to support and bring your creative visions to life in the dynamic world of podcasting.

We excel in creating podcasts for a variety of entities—businesses, organizations, institutions, municipalities—leveraging our expertise to enhance your visibility. Additionally, we take pride in producing our flagship show, “Grandes Idées (R)évolutionnaires,” showcasing our dedication to original and engaging content.

We offer personalized consultations, video and audio content production, as well as content marketing strategies to amplify your brand’s reach. Inspiring and energizing podcasts, specialized training,

To start working with us, contact us through our contact form on our website or by phone. A member of our team will be happy to discuss your needs and explain how we can help you achieve your goals.

We start with a discovery session to understand your goals, needs, and target audience. Next, we develop a specific action plan and support you throughout the process to help you achieve your projects and reach your goals.

We create custom content that reflects the identity of your brand, optimize your content for effective distribution on digital platforms, and work closely with you to develop content marketing campaigns aligned with your ambitions.

Our content is designed to capture the attention of your target clientele and provide a unique experience with varied and interactive content. “We also offer customized and optimized web hosting pages for webcasting, to ensure maximum visibility for your content.

Our captivating and impactful content is designed to reach and inspire your target clientele by creating a unique experience, available 24/7, with relevance and consistency that allow it to endure over time.